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Barbara Campbell's Mural pictures continued



 Lucy Corr Village Painting and Art display
by: our member Mary Helen Kennedy

Copied from the Chester Village Newspaper
Lucy Vanson was invited to "Lucy Corr Village" to exhibit a selection of her
artwork and to do an art demonstration
The ladies in the picture from left to right are : Margaret Tingler,
Lucy Vanson,Nancy Belcher,Ginny Dumouchelle, Jane Spain,
Margaret Twilley and Dr. Vivian Wilkerson

Springdale at Lucy Corr Village 
Chesterfield     welcomes artist
   Lucy Vanson shared her artistic talents with residents of Springdale at Lucy Corr Village.The demonstration delighted seniors and an exhibitby the artist has brought 
enjoyment for all residents.
Vanson has been a member of Old Dominion Decorative Painters since 1979. She paints with acrylics, watercolor and other mediums.
Nancy Belcher and Ginney Dumouchelle will be featured artists in the upcoming mont

Lucy Corr Village Painting and Art display
Last Month Lucy Vanson was invited to display some of her paintings and art work at the Lucy Corr  Village
Senior and assisted facility in Chesterfield